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Spiritual Direction, at its heart, is the practice of deep listening. While you voice what is stirring in your life, you cultivate the practice of listening to your truest self and the Wisdom of your understanding and naming.  As your spiritual director, I listen to you and with you for the movement of life and respond from that place of attention.  

Spiritual direction is a place to:

-share your life experiences and relationships through the lens of invitation.
-explore your evolving worldview and questions.
-practice living from a nurtured relationship with your values and sense of the sacred.
-be prayerfully accompanied through the joys and struggles of life.
-be lovingly challenged.
-cultivate your response to the call to do justice.
-discern and walk the way forward through cycles of change and growth.
-develop and commit to spiritual practices. 

Spiritual Direction Sessions

Spiritual direction sessions are conversations about your life and may include silence, meditations, short readings, creative expression, rituals, and prayer.

Who is Spiritual Direction for?

"Spiritual direction is for people who are engaged with their lives."
-Suzanne Zuercher, OSB

Anyone who longs to be heard, to hear their deepest self, and to nurture a connection with a source of wisdom within and beyond themselves. 

My practice is open to persons of any faith and no professed faith.

What Spiritual Direction is not

While spiritual direction looks similar to therapy and consultation from the outside, it is not mental health counseling, psychotherapy, or financial planning.  

Initial Conversation

Contact me for a complimentary initial conversation to see if we are a good fit at this time.


I am a member of Spiritual Directors International and abide by their guidelines of ethical conduct which can be found here.